Live fast – die young


Beat liked to live life fast. He was always on the go… Loved running, loved playing, loved jumping, loved circling things… He was intense and powerful in a way that I have never seen it in any other dog. Such a character.

But as they say… Live fast, die young and make a beautiful memory and that was what Beat did.

Last week he started vomiting. Nothing that seemed serious… dogs eat disgusting stuff and vomit some times. I was not worried, but I was going to Belgium for the weekend and Beat was going to stay with my dad whilst I was away, so I thought I would have him checked by a vet before leaving him.

It turned out that Beat was a very sick boy with a cancerous lump in his stomach. I said goodbye to him and let him have peace that same day.

Beat was a very special boy. Impossible not to love as he had more personality than any other dog I have met. I have learned so much from him. He has left a huge gap in our hearts and in everyday life.

Beat was only 7½ years old when he left us. It was a shock and I needed time to digest and get used to the thought before I was ready to share the news. We are heartbroken that it had to end so soon.

The music, which Hero will be dancing to at Crufts was originally Beat’s music. He performed to it in 2013, but I wanted to use it again as I felt I could do more with it, so Hero took it up this year. Now it seems really appropriate that Hero and I will dance to Beat’s music at Crufts – we will dance for him and I bet he will sit on his little star and look down on us and be really pleased.

Thank you so much Paul, for trusting me with this wonderful dog. It may have been a short life, but it was full of adventures. And thank you Julie for making us feel like part of your special family. And thank you Kath and David.

Sweet dreams Baby Beat – we love love love you and we miss your silly ears and smiley face ❤ ❤ ❤

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